Shipping and return items

These conditions govern the process of ordering, payment, delivery and any claims of products that are sold through our online store and catalog ILIGSOFT.

Delivery dates:

Normal delivery time is 1-2 working days upon receipt of payment or order confirmation. If the product is currently not in stock, we will notify you of the extra delivery time. Products from our web store or catalog ILIGSOFT ordered through the electronic form "Order Form".
If our web store or ILIGSOFT Ltd. for some reason are not able to supply all the ordered items shall be delivered to only those who were at the time of delivery procurable.
Buyer may cancel delivery of commissioned and nedobavljivih items within three (3) days of submitting your order.


Transportation and delivery will be charged and are not included in the price of the item. Shipping is to your door, except in exceptional cases. In the event that the goods are raised in our shop Ul. Ljudevita Gaja 11, 35000 Slavonski Brod, no shipping costs. Costs of transportation program will display when entering orders. Price of transport depends on the weight and size of shipments.
Information - up to 15kg package price for all of Croatia except the island is 35 kn (+ cca 22 kn for each of the following 5 kg).
Packing is done in such a way as to avoid any damage during normal transport.
Delivery of ordered items takes place via courier sluđbi. The buyer is required prior to shipment to verify the shipment and any visually apparent damage reported to the deliverer, and refuse to accept a damaged shipment, and inform us immediately notified.

Deadline for receipt is as follows:

  • 1-2 working days major cities
  • 2-3 business days of smaller towns
  • 3-7 days towns and islands

Payment by bank transfer slip to:

Delivery time begins with receipt of payment on our account.
When payments to Croatian commercial banks and a fine that is usually the next working day from the date of payment and the payment of the Croatian branch post office, two working days after payment.

Insurance of goods:

Transport insurance is never included in the price of shipping goods. Sending goods is always the risk of the Buyer, regardless of who pays shipping. Transport insurance of goods is done solely at the written request of Purchaser prior to shipment and is 3-5% of the value of the goods. All goods, without exception, is supplied free in the warehouse our web store or ILIGSOFT.


Prices are in EUR with VAT included (VAT), the FCO stored our web store or ILIGSOFT. The goods are always sent at the risk of the Buyer, regardless of who pays shipping. Transport insurance can be further arranged, but was never included in the cost of shipping. Monitors are not included in the price of PCs, workstations or servers, unless expressly stated.
Our internet store and sticking ILIGSOFT errors in pricing.
Catalogue prices are subject to change without notice.

Procedures and notes:

Upon receipt of your order, we inform you by e-mail about the time of delivery. For partners who have provided a guarantee of payment upon accepting the delivery date we issue the goods. If you do not have guaranteed payment delivery is possible only upon payment of the deposit. Just writing confirmed delivery (E-mail or invoice) are mandatory. If within 48 hours after taking the goods do not submit written objections to the delivered goods, it is considered that the goods were duly dispatched. According to the Consumer Protection Act minors or full business capacity may not serve a purchase at a distance, it can only do their legal representatives. Mostly business people able to contract at a distance can be entered into only with the consent of their legal representatives. The contract was concluded at a distance may be terminated if it meets the requirements of the consumer protection (Article 3 and Chapter 7).
As the model changes very often reserve the right, in agreement with the Buyer delivery of the second model, the same or better. If Buyer does not accept the proposed change to return the advance paid. Our internet store and ILIGSOFT d.o.o. reserve the right to adjust prices and information for all products. Changes are possible because of an error, rapid changes in the market of IT equipment and parts, termination or change in production models, and erroneous data entry. Some photos are only illustrative. Our internet store and ILIGSOFT d.o.o. does not assume responsibility for changes in producer prices that can be changed at any time without notice.
We reserve the right to refuse any order if there has been above circumstances.

Warranty terms:

The warranty period is 12 months from date of invoice, unless otherwise stated in the warranty list of importers for Croatia, which is attached to the product.
Manufacturer / Importer / retailer free remedy defects in the service center (address listed on your guarantee), if the warranty period defective product, a customer reported on a product if the defect occurred using prescribed under the terms of your warranty or if the product does not mechanical damage, the product was not exposed to outside influences which are not provided, connected to a power which is not declared, exposed to harmful external influences: vibration, the influence of chemical substances, humidity, dust, extreme temperatures, lethal radiation, etc. Guarantee does not cover failures caused If the product is assembled by a person or service, if the product is opened and / or repaired by unauthorized persons or on other components were modifications that are causing instability, defective or complete cessation of operation of the product (overclocking). The warranty does not enter the damage occurred during transport after purchase, voltage or electric shock through the electricity or the telephone network, due to force majeure (fire, flood, lightning, etc.), battery leakage. The warranty does not enter consumable parts (battery cartridges, cables, magnetic tapes, printer heads, tape printers, toners, etc.). For products costing up to EUR 122.00 warranty is valid 7 days after delivery.
Manufacturer / Importer / Seller shall bear the costs arising from the inability to use the product, loss of data, loss of profits or other consequential damages caused by the breakdown. Our internet store and ILIGSOFT d.o.o. do not support the warranty period over 1 year. If the documents specified in the manufacturer's warranty period longer than 1 year, the buyer negotiates directly with manufacturers guarantee the realization of the rights and obligations. Seller will provide information, advice or assistance to users of unlicensed software. Importer agrees to a product that meets the warranty for free repair in the shortest possible time. In the event that the warranty lasts longer than 10 days, the warranty period is extended for the duration of repairs, and more than 45 days, the product will, with the consent of the customs, to replace the same or similar product. Seller does not pay or assume risks of transporting products from the Buyer to an authorized service or by an authorized service to the customer. If it is determined the correctness of the product in service, testing services will be billed to you.


Our internet store and ILIGSOFT d.o.o. the online store of computer and industrial equipment and spare parts, household appliances and equipment, textiles and other items. The sales program covers more than 50,000 products and may not know all the products in detail. Our goal is to provide you full support, but we can not guarantee compatibility for all products and all information we have. Compatibility of each product (with existing equipment and software) is the responsibility of the customer. For detailed questions about the compatibility of each product please check the manufacturer's website or from the manufacturer's technical support.

Return or claim

Our internet store and ILIGSOFT guarantee that all items from our online store and catalog ILIGSOFT properly and without defects. However, due to the nature of our products, refunds are not exempt.
If you receive a damaged item from us, please do within 24 hours send a request via the request for return of goods (RMA - Return merchandise authorization) in order to arrange replacement of damaged product or refund your money.
We can not accept any return that has not previously passed the procedure of approval. Following the procedure of approval and receipt of your goods we will give you and item / commodity exchanged or grant you a loan in the amount of current purchase price for the item / goods. Price of transport are not included in the price of the item / goods and non-refundable. The money we are able to return, but you can select a different item / goods for the approved amount.

Buyer has the right to return the item in the following cases:

  • Delivery Model that are not ordered
  • delivery of products that are damaged, the damage is not due to poor handling in transit.


Feel free to contact us, we will gladly accept your questions, comments, criticisms, or kind words ...